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2018 Tathra Wharf to Waves Ocean Swim Results

2018 Rettke Builders 1200m Splash for Cash Results

2018 1200M

2018 600m Dash Results

2018 10-13 and 14-17 years

2018 18-29 and 30-39 years

2018 40-49 years

2018 50-59, 60-69 and 70+ years



2017 Tathra Wharf to Waves Ocean Swim Results

2017 On the Perch 1200m Splash for Cash Results

2017 1200M

2017 600m Dash Results

2017 10-13 years

2017 14-17 years

2017 18-29 years

2017 30-39 years

2017 40-49 years

2017 50-59 years

2017 60-69 years

2017 70+ years


2016 Tathra Wharf to Waves Ocean Swim Results

The 2016 Swim Events were hotly contested – with competitors giving it their all.The main event, the Elders Real Estate 1200m Splash for Cash, attracted an impressive field.

The male winner was once again James Macri, beating last year's performance in 14 mins 16 secs, with Zoe Phillipsen the fastest female in 16 mins 55 secs.The Fastest Swimmers in the 600m Series went to Shayne Rettke in 6 mins 54 secs, and the fastest female was Zoe Phillipsen in 7 mins.  Congratulations to all swimmers and thank you for supporting this annual event. We hope to see you next year.


2016 Elders Real Estate 1200m Splash for Cash results

2016 1200m Male swim

2016 1200m Female swim

2016 600m Dash results

2016 10-13 years Male

2016 10-13 years Female

2016 14-17 years Male

2016 14-17 years Female

2016 18-29 years Male

2016 18-29 years Female

2016 30-39 years Male

2016 30-39 years Female

2016 40-49 years Male

2016 40-49 years Female

2016 50-59 years Male

2016 50-59 years Female

2016 60-69 years Male

2016 60-69 years Female

2016 70+ Male

2016 70+ Female

2015 Tathra Wharf to Waves Ocean Swim Results

2015 1200m Male Swim

2015 1200m Female Swim

2015 10-13 Years Male Swim

2015 10-13 Years Female Swim

2015 14-17 Years Male Swim

2015 14-17 Years Female Swim

2015 18-29 Years Male Swim

2015 18-29 Years Female Swim

2015 30-39 Years Male Swim

2015 30-39 Years Female Swim

2015 40-49 Years Male Swim

2015 40-49 Years Female Swim

2015 50-59 Years Male Swim

2015 50-59 Years Female Swim

2015 60-69 Years Male Swim

2015 60-69 Years Female Swim

2015 70+ Years Male Swim

2015 70+ Years Female Swim


The 2015 Inaugural Tamatave Ocean Trek 2015, Madagascar, Africa

David Forrest, formerly of Tathra, and now Principal on the Mercy Ship* and docked off Madagascar, Africa, has swum in every Tathra Wharf to Waves for the past 14 years. A Squidgy Member and rival of Matthew Nott, they have a long standing challenge which is not to win the event each year, despite the fierce contests, but to complete the most amount of swims.  The W2Ws Committee  received an email from David, "I am in quite a pickle. The date for the 2015 Wharf to Waves is fast approaching and the travel time and costs for me to compete have substantially increased this year. In the past I simply walked to the start line at the Wharf. Not only has my travel time increased to 24 hours of flights and 14 hours of road travel but costs would represent in excess of 2500% of my annual income. I would like the Committee to consider my following proposal. That I attempt to replicate the Tathra Wharf to Waves swimming event in my new home town in the port of Tamatave, Madagascar. I have managed to find a location suitable to host a swim course off the coast of Madagascar."

The Committee considered David’s proposal, and sanctioned the event on the following terms.  That David advise the Committee of the approximate water temperature and ocean conditions – as this may vary significantly to the waters in Tathra bay – and may affect Matthew’s times in the event the water is cold and the swell choppy or large. To ensure a fair and equal swimming field, we propose that Barry Grant, in his capacity as finish judge, be asked to compare conditions and proclaim a winner, to be announced at the presentation following completion of the swims at Tathra on Sunday.

Congratulations goes to David, for not only holding the Inaugural Tamatave Ocean Trek 2015 600m ocean swim and 1200m in the pool (due to beach closure from Cyclone Swell), but for the following times:  David’s results for 1200m (pool) swim was 25min, 7 sec; and for his 600m ocean swim was  16mins and 10 Sec. The water temperature was 25c, water quality in ocean average with a 2m ocean swell.  The weather and ocean conditions in Tathra for Matthew were 20c in the water, and the ocean, according to Race Director, Andy Johnson, was 'as smooth as a babies bottom’. Based on the conditions and the times swum, the race official, Barry Grant, declared David Forrest the winner! So over to you Matthew for 2016.

Bega District News Report on 23 January 2015


Tathra Wharf to Waves has been held since 2002. To find out your times and places over the years, open up the Dashboard.

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2014 1200m Male Swim


2014 1200m Female Swim


2014 10-13 Years Swim


2014 14-17 Years Swim


2014 18-29 Years Swim


2014 30-39 Years Swim


2014 40-49 Years Swim


2014 50-59 Years Swim


2014 60-69 Years Swim


2014 70+ Years Swim


2013 1200m Swim Results

2013 600m Swim Results





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